Lesson Plan: French Cooking in the Anderson Valley

Day 1: Warm up

Dinner: Dungeness crab with melted beurre d’Isigny (the BEST), mushroom veloute with roasted asparagus 

Day 2: Surf and turf a la francaise

Breakfast: Joel Robouchon’s Trouchia 

Dinner: Pork rillettes with cornichons and spiced olives, Coquilles St. Jacques with braised endive

Dessert: Strawberry rhubarb tarte

Day 3: Au four – to the oven!

Breakfast: Canale rum cookies and coffee

Dinner: Thomas Keller’s roast chicken, spinach gratinee, salade de fenouil cru

Dessert: Tarte au citron with a Suzanne Goins twist

Day 4: A la marocaine

Breakfast: Jacques Pepin omelette aux fines herbes

Dinner: Bone-in lamb schwarma accompanied by Julia Child’s baguette, couscous with yogurt sauce and harissa, and two salads — grated carrot and orange; eggplant tomato and garlic

Dessert: Tarte Tropezienne

Day 5: A l’américain

Brunch: Bagels (we couldn’t resist)

Cocktail hour: Carter Beats the Devil mezcal cocktails



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