Our Kitchen: An Anderson Valley Hideaway

The setting, the site, the history, the ambiance — all important for a good bake. To help you understand why we chose this Place for our cooking extravaganza, here’s a dabble on the kitchen, the house, and the valley we call home.

Our kitchen: Open, light, and the best place we could think of to spend 5 days immersing ourselves in French cuisine.


The house: A PISE (pneumatically impacted stabilized earth) gem near the top of the East Ridge of the Anderson Valley, north of Philo, CA. A post-and-beam vaulted ceiling, open kitchen,  Japanese themed grounds and garden. Best experienced in a bikini.



The Valley: An hour north of Healdsburg and 45 minutes south of the funky village of Mendocino where the surf gods reign in their 5/4 wetsuits…

Mornings shrouded in fog, and afternoons toasted in sunlight. Whales in the winter, and tom turkeys in the backyard in the summer.





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