Day 3 Dessert: Thomas Keller’s Tarte au Citrone with a Suzanne Goins secret ingredient

Thomas strikes again — why make a flour-based tart crust when you can use 2 cups of pine nuts for $19.99?


At least his recipe makes enough dough for 3 tart shells — we’re freezing the remaining two for a special occasion (maybe a chocolate tart tonight for Day 4?)

A lemony sabayon tops the secret ingredient, a thin layer of melted bittersweet chocolate, a la Suzanne Goins in Sunday Suppers at Lucques.

Melt the chocolate over a double boiler and paint the pine nut tart shell like you’re Michelangelo. Fill your heavenly canvas with the lemon sabayon, pop under the broiler until it starts to bubble and turn spotted-cow-brown ( a sly nod to fellow Wisconsinites and their New Glarus beer favorite), and top with a thin layer of confectioner’s sugar. It’s what Norman, our fave from the GBBO would do.

Check out this slice and see if you’re not inspired to steal pine nuts from your neighbor and bake this baby tonight.



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