Day 4 Dessert: Tarte Tropezienne

What does this face say to you?


To me, it screams ‘yum’. The guttural, buttery yum that comes from eating something so sweet and divine that you can’t even say it out loud.

The tarte tropezienne was a day-long adventure, involving 5 creations combined into the epic tarte Brigitte Bardot.

  1. Homemade brioche dough (note to self – stirring this tough dough made Paul’s muscles bulge like Popeye. Use electric mixer in the future! Or maybe, don’t…)
  2. Pastry cream (aka creme pat to the GBBO fans out there)
  3. Buttercream (mixed with the pastry cream to form the gooey filling goodness)
  4. Simple syrup (to soak into the insides of your halved brioche dough once baked)
  5. Brioche glaze (to top your brioche bake, prior to a confectioner’s sugar and pearl sugar topping)

We forgot to bring our spring-form pan, so the brioche was a bit lopsided and unevenly baked.  And, in the future, we’d make  thicker pastry and butter creams to give our tart a more ice-cream-sandwich look.

But looks aside (they’re not most important, right?) this tart was sugary pillows to the face. A totally transcendent and wonderful dessert, that we will  practice and perfect before surfacing at future dinner parties.



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